Meet Our Team

Kain Roomes


Kain Roomes has been involved in Crypto since March 2018 and initially sold his steel and gold Rolex Submariner to buy Bitcoin, where he then diversified into a host of other cryptocurrencies, including Zilliqa and XRP. Having previously played football professionally but having to quit through injury and then becoming a model within the fitness industry, he has always been into the well–being of himself and others. Kain then made the decision to combine his experiences in the crypto market with his passion for healthcare.

Dr. Marc O'Griofa

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Marc O'Griofa combines medicine and engineering in a unique and diverse way – Marc was a triage physician and part of the Space Shuttle medical team at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center with advanced medical equipment for special operations medical missions, and chronic medical conditions like heart failure to try and reduce unnecessary readmissions and costs. Marc is a Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine and was the principal investigator for Project CASPER, which examined the sleep patterns of International Space Station crew members. Marc was also the first Irish Aquanaut for the NASA NEEMO program as part of the NEEMO 21 mission in 2016.

Brian J. Esposito

Head of Global Strategy

Brian J. Esposito boasts an esteemed and expansive record of achievements, for several years he has ranked among the world’s top 10 CEOs. Brian is the founder and CEO of Esposito Intellectual Enterprises, LLC, ❲EIE❳. An award–winning serial entrepreneur and business leader with a holding company consisting of 90+ entities, 150+ joint ventures, operating in 25+ industries and in over 25 cities around the world. In December 2019, as well as August of 2022, he was featured in The Corporate Investment Times, the next–gen investment magazine in the Middle East and has been recognized as a Top 100 In Real Estate in 2021, as well Top 100 Innovators and Entrepreneurs in 2022.

Laban Roomes

Business Development Manager

Laban Roomes has valuable connections within the Pharma industry and co–founded Medical Cannabis company Marigold Projects Jamaica, a company that went on to sell 49% of its shares for $80USD million dollars to Medical Cannabis Giant Aphria, a record–breaking deal at that time. Laban was also invested in by multi–millionaire and Hamilton Bradshaw founder James Caan on the hit BBC T.V show Dragons Den, the equivalent of the popular U.S Shark Tank series, and has himself gone on to invest in several successful crypto projects.

Dr. Andrew J. O’Neil ❲PhD❳

Anti–Counterfeit Officer ⁄ Pharmacist

Dr. O’Neil has a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Analysis NIR Spectroscopy & Chemometrics BPharm ❲Bachelor of Pharmacy❳ — Pharmacy with Pharmaceutical Engineering Science and a Certificate in Perl programming Computer programming. Dr. O’Neil was granted membership to The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain ❲MRPharmS❳ and the Royal Society of Chemistry ❲MRSC❳ and has also been a Consultant for Nircorp ❲Near Infrared Corporation❳ and Lead Chemometric Scientist at the University of Oxford.

Danijel Valek

Lead Engineer

Showing a fervent enthusiasm for technology and bursting with creativity, Danijel Valek has been on a rewarding voyage through the world of Web3 development and blockchain programming, consequently finding a path leading to the opportunity to be involved in the genesis of multiple projects on The XRP Ledger. Danijel is driven by an innate desire to leverage his acquired technical abilities to create meaningful and impactful solutions for real–world applications.

Evan Brooks

Software Engineer

As a Campus Ambassador for XRPL at the University of Florida, Evan Brooks has used his campus connections to open doors into the blockchain community. Evan is skilled in JavaScript, React, Python, C++, HTML, and CSS. With a passion for web technologies and frameworks, he has accumulated multiple projects online as well as a publicly available NPM package. A creative computer science student with a keen eye for design, he loves to leverage his skills to improve the lives of others using online solutions.

Edoardo Farina

Head of Social Adoption

Edoardo Farina is a die–hard XRP enthusiast and a valued member of the community. Cofounder of The Alpha Husky Club, ❲a prominent NFT Project On The XRP Ledger❳, and a trainee lawyer, Edoardo has deep insights into the technical issues surrounding the blockchain ecosystem. Here he has been a focal point and a point of reference for various blockchain communities, with hundreds of thousands of users. Moreover, he has been involved in conducting numerous presentations for large audiences and possesses a considerable social media following.

Strategic Advisors

Mark McCormick

Forbes NEXT 1000 list Mark McCormick cofounded ScriptCo –– a first–of–its–kind, membership–based wholesale pharmacy that lets patients with valid prescriptions avoid paying any markup on the costs of their medications. Mark has designed, managed, and implemented pharmacy workflow from the ground up for the 3 pharmacies in Texas that he Co–Founded in 2016. Marks leadership grew these pharmacies from start–up to $2,450,000+ in EBITDA in two years with two physical locations and one operation center.

Zach Zeller

ScriptCo co–founder Zach Zeller brings to the XRPH team ten years of surgical experience and five years of pharmaceutical know–how. It was as a pharmacy owner, that he witnessed first–hand the willful lack of transparency wrought by pharmacy managers, restricting access and constricting the price of medication in the marketplace, when using health insurance.

Dr. Patrick Kohlitz M.D.

Dr. Kohlitz brings over nine years of medical experience to the XRPH team, attained from significant teaching experience, sympathetic work with residents, mid–level providers, and industrious work with complex and challenging patients from various backgrounds. Dr. Kohlitz is ably familiar with the intimate details of the complex healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

Tony Charanduk

Tony Charanduk accepted a position with Hypor swine genetics as manager of swine genetic programs throughout Canada. Later in 2010, Tony joined Cramer Livestock Nutrition as an equity investor and company manager. Along with a partner, Tony built Rebel Nutrition, another western Canadian–based livestock nutrition company. Rebel Nutrition grew from a start–up to a major player in the western Canadian animal nutrition industry. In 2020 Rebel was sold to a larger company, Proveta Nutrition.

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