XRPH Prescription Savings Card App

XRPH Prescription

Savings Card App

  • 80% savings off prescriptions and medications
  • XRPH rewards each time your card is used
  • Accepted at over 68,000 U.S. based pharmacies

Download your XRPH wallet &
Prescription Savings Card here:

NOTE: When picking up your prescription or medication from any one of the 68,000 pharmacies we have partnered with, make sure to give them your unique ID number located on image of your card in the XRPH App.

PAYMENTS: You will receive $1 worth of XRPH each time your card is used. Payments are made automatically to your wallet every 60 days.

DISCLAIMER: All XRPH rewards will be distributed solely by XRP Healthcare. This program/card is a drug coupon. This is not a Medicare prescription drug plan and is privately supported. This is not a government run/affiliated/funded program. Discounts are only available at participating pharmacies. This program is not insurance.

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