Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy XRP Healthcare?

You can buy XRPH by visiting this page.

What is XRP Healthcare?

XRP Healthcare is a Web3 scalable solutions provider, focused on revolutionizing the Pharma and Healthcare industry.

Is XRP Healthcare partnered with Ripple?

No. XRP Healthcare is not partnered with Ripple, read more here.

Is XRP Healthcare partnered with XUMM?

No. XRP Healthcare is not partnered with XUMM, read more here.

Is XRP Healthcare a registered trademark?

Yes. XRP Healthcare is a registered trademark and represents the molecule that promotes health. Do not attempt to use or recreate our registered trademark without our permission. Any unlawful or malicious use of our registered trademark will result in a DMCA take down of the infringing channel, and or prosecution.

Is XRP Healthcare a scam?

No. XRP Healthcare is not a scam; for more detailed information on our project, company vision and team you can read more here.

Does the XRPH token have a contract address?

The XRP Ledger, which is the distributed ledger technology that powers the XRP cryptocurrency, does not use contract addresses as it operates differently from other blockchain networks such as Ethereum. With Ethereum, contract addresses are used to represent smart contracts, which are self executing agreements with the terms of the agreement being encoded directly into the contract’s code. However, the XRP Ledger does not use smart contracts, so there is no need for contract addresses.

Instead, the XRP Ledger uses a unique account based system, where each account has its own public address that can be used to hold XRP and other digital assets. In this system, transactions are executed directly between accounts, without the need for smart contracts.

What is the issuing address of XRPH?

Our issuing address is: rM8hNqA3jRJ5Zgp3Xf3xzdZcx2G37guiZk

What is the latest news on XRP Healthcare?

The latest news on XRP Healthcare can be found here.

Who‘s responsible for XRP Healthcare’s press releases?

Please visit our media centre here.

What is the total supply of the XRPH token?

Two weeks after inception, the XRP Healthcare issuing address was blackholed.

Meaning our total supply of 100 million tokens will never increase.

Where is XRP Healthcare based?

XRP Healthcare was incorporated in London, United Kingdom. Please see how to get in touch here.

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