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What is XRPH?

XRP Healthcare is the first Pharma and Healthcare platform on the XRP Ledger, enabling fast global payments, improving healthcare access in emerging markets, and creating real-world utility by transforming global healthcare through mergers, acquisitions and blockchain.

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XRP Healthcare Magazine

  • African Healthcare Transformation: XRP Healthcare drives change via mergers, acquisitions, and blockchain, redefining healthcare delivery.
  • Global Trends Insights: Explore exclusive insights in XRP Healthcare Magazine's 3rd issue, featuring in-depth analysis and expert commentary on emerging healthcare trends.
  • Flexible Access Anywhere: Download or read on ISSUU for convenient access to our free quarterly magazine. Stay informed about evolving healthcare, including interviews with NASDAQ and NYSE listed companies.

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The Worldwide Pharma and Healthcare Market

The worldwide pharma and healthcare market was valued at US $1.48 trillion in 2021 and is expected to reach US $3.21 trillion by 2030 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate ❲CAGR❳ of 8.98%.

The COVID 19 pandemic had an adverse impact on the worldwide pharma and healthcare market, but now after the recovery, the growth is expected to increase. Product launches and high adoption of new technologies are a few factors that can influence market growth in the future.


XRP Healthcare Africa serves as the platform dedicated to investing in privately owned clinics, care homes, pharmacies, and hospitals, primarily focusing on the African continent. Discover our strategic approach to unify and strengthen the fragmented private healthcare sector in Africa through mergers and acquisitions here.

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XRPH will:

  • Allow faster payments ⁄ transactions worldwide via our mobile app.
  • Help inhabitants of Pharmerging countries access standard Healthcare.
  • Pay XRPH rewards each time the XRP Healthcare Prescription Savings Card is used.
  • Support our eco-system fueled by the XRPH token.

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