48-month Road map

Q4 2023

  • Build a strong management team and corporate company structure
  • Incorporate XRP Healthcare in Dubai for better access to African & Middle East markets
  • Social media influencers onboarded
  • Create an in-house XRP Healthcare Marketing & PR team
  • Founders and some team members relocated to Africa to oversee mergers and acquisitions of private healthcare facilities
  • The first batch of already profitable medical centres identified for M&A
  • The first NASA-designed ventilator to be delivered to Uganda
  • XRPH Wallet available to download on iOS & Android
  • Start Interviewing investors

Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4 2024

  • USD $3 Million raised to fund M&A
  • First batch of already profitable medical centres purchased - All Acquisitions will be branded XRP Healthcare
  • Existing teams kept in place and overseen by our corporate management team
  • Upgrading of acquired business, services and equipment
  • NASA-designed ventilators installed in medical centres and hospitals as they are acquired
  • Integration of XRPH token Staking into Wallet
  • XRPH token used to pay for services and medication in growing ecosystem
  • Tele-pharma testing & integration
  • Global Marketing of XRPH Wallet
  • International Healthcare Partnerships
  • Marketing & Promotion of M&A in East Africa
  • ‘Super Fund’ raised

Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4 2025

  • Streamline Merger & Acquisition operations
  • Achieve cost savings and efficiency
  • Continued upgrading of building, services and equipment of acquired healthcare facilities
  • Continue to identify potential investment targets and conduct due diligence
  • More International Healthcare Partnerships
  • Continued upgrade & development of the XRPH Wallet
  • Promotion and marketing of M&A in Africa as a whole

Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4 2026

  • Increase the value of our portfolio by implementation of growth strategies
  • Expand into new markets and territories by diversifying the XRP Healthcare portfolio
  • Grow revenue and profitability of the company
  • XRPH token accepted for payment and services rendered at all XRP Healthcare pharmacies, medical centres and hospitals

Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4 2027

  • Preparation begins to prepare XRP Healthcare for IPO or acquisition by a larger conglomerate
  • Work closely with our legal advisors and investment bankers to optimize exit strategy and valuation
  • Execute exit plan and achieve the best outcome for investors, shareholders and token holders

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